Concussion Injuries

Concussions can occur as a result of sports injuries, head injuries or whiplash. Post-concussion syndrome is often a combination of many factors. Our treatment for concussion injuries combines active physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation.

A comprehensive assessment is essential to ensure all problem areas are properly identified and addressed. Sometimes the problem is a combination of vestibular problems and joint or muscle imbalances in your neck. You may also experience post-concussion headaches and neck pain as a result of your injury.

Treatment is specific to the findings identified during your assessment. This may involve hands-on treatment, vestibular rehabilitation and gym exercises to regain strength, proprioception and balance. You will also receive appropriate home exercises.

Headaches in a post-concussion syndrome can also typically worsen as you attempt to resume your sports or daily activities. In this regard active, exercise based physiotherapy helps to address physiological threshold impairments or in other words increase your activity tolerance in helping you gradually return to your normal activities.