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Home Care Physiotherapy

Available September 2020

For patients, this service is designed in the acute and subacute aftermath of an injury with a view to an eventual transfer to in-clinic treatment. When pain and limited mobility restrict your ability to leave your home, we can offer a range of services from virtual care to in-home Physiotherapy services.


  • Manual Therapy
  • Mobility / Transfers / balance training
  • Pain control/use of electrotherapeutic devices TENS
  • Acupuncture
  • Functional training or finding the safest / most efficient movements for:
    • Ambulation and balance
    • Transfers
    • Stairs
    • Reaching low/high-level surfaces

Providing in-home Physiotherapy is about more than just addressing the person; it’s also about evaluating the home environment and helping you manage your condition as you complete your daily routine. Most importantly, we’ll help you find the most comfortable positioning in your environment whether for relaxation or sleep management.

Distinctive features

Our case coordination and management is a distinctive feature to this service; We simply call it One Service.

For the patient, One Service means moving from an in-home to in-clinic setting without interruption in obtaining necessary treatment and pain relief during this period.

One Service also means your clinical status, particular needs and continuation or progression in your exercises will already be in place when your treatment moves to a clinic setting.

One Time Assessment Fee

When transferring to in-clinic treatment, any fees for re-assessment or care coordination are already included in the initial in-home assessment.