Legal Notice Novo Healthnet Limited

Legal Notice

Update September 14, 2020

Today marks another low point in our dealings with Novohealthnet Limited, a subsidiary of Novo Integrated Sciences ( NVOS ) a publicly traded company. Having exhausted every reasonable course of action, after being met by complete silence on Novo’s part, this while incurring significant legal fees, we continue to take action.

The latest infraction by Novo consists in misappropriation of our funds further to the sale of our corporation in July 2019. In this latest instance, Novo cashed in and retained, thereby effectively misappropriating receivable funds from Action Plus. This latest infraction is one of many, including, default over payment of a substantial portion of the purchase price and infringements on the licensing agreement of our trade name. The later infraction is most concerning, as one should have reasonable concerns, in light of the conduct listed above, in the implications for our trade name.

Mr. Roberto Mattachionne is the acting CEO of Novo Integrated Sciences. We have previously concluded a sale of part of our operations to CBI Health 2009, and based on such experience, can confirm the sale to NovoHeatlhnet as most unusual. Acting reasonably, we continue our due diligence in reviewing these events and as we have previously done so, call on Mr. Mattachione for greater accounting in the details of his curriculum vitae, in particular his listed offshore accomplishments in South America and Africa. Should such details become available, we shall, amend this request.