Motor vehicle accidents and related injuries

Experience matters

Since 1991, we have learned a few things about treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries; this includes motor vehicle accidents. Beyond treatment, our experience has included ownership of a multi-disciplinary disability assessment centre
[1] . As such, our past experience extends beyond treatment and into the management of more complex cases. This includes fractures, neurological and concussion injuries.

First thing: Your Assessment

Your first visit will include a thorough assessment, including a detailed history of your current, and previous conditions which may affect your recovery. Assessment and reassessment should not however be limited to your first visit , but take place throughout your recovery to ensure you, your doctor and insurer are aware of your progress.

Your treatment

Treatment following a motor vehicle accident will depend on a number a factors including the accident itself, your age and / or any previous condition. There is no single answer as treatment will always depend on factors unique to your case. Generally however this would include specific exercises related to your injuries and manual therapy. Electrical modalities, including acupuncture are also used to reduce your pain and get you back to your day to day activities and exercising.

Bottom line: Know your condition

Simply knowing more about your condition, including the activities you can continue, and those you should place on hold is important. Education is not just learning about your injuries but also about managing activities of home, family and work life during your recovery. Our goal is straightforward; knowing more on your condition provides you with control over your condition and the ability to play an active part in your recovery. In the end knowledge provides the best reassurance in helping you move forward.

[1] Workwise Occupational Assessment Centre

Preferred Provider Networks (PPN)

At times, your insurer may offer referral to one of their preferred provider network clinics (PPN). PPNs consist of groups of insurer-selected health care providers who deliver programs of care to claimants having sustained certain types of injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

Where do we fit in

Action Plus is a preferred provider to select Insurers who have researched and established direct relationships with individual clinics. By choice, however, we do not belong to a large network, meaning we may not be a PPN with your particular insurer. Nevertheless, being a select PPN allows us to provide the same convenience and benefits large Networks do.

What does this mean for you

In any situation, you retain the right to choose [1]. Your insurer may offer treatment at one of their network clinics, and that’s fine. But just as certain insurers have chosen Action Plus, rest assured in entrusting your care to us.