Legal Notice Novo Healthnet Limited

Update January 19, 2021

On July 22, 2019 Novo Healthnet, a division of Novo Integrated Sciences ( OTC market : NVOS ) completed an Asset Purchase agreement (APA) with Action Plus Physiotherapy. Unfortunately in its aftermath, Novo committed numerous infractions where legal notices were provided to their CEO Mr. Robert Mattchionne.

Novo Healthnet’s response

As of this date, Mr. Mattachionne’s legal strategy can be summed in the simple act of ignoring and deflecting every legal notice in the seeming belief sheer exhaustion will eventually make these matters disappear.

As customary legal recourse has been exhausted and in the face of mounting legal costs, we feel a moral obligation to denounce such conduct through public notices as such actions, under no circumstances can be left to prevail.

Infractions by Novo

In the fall 2019, several months after completion Novo misappropriated our receivable funds.

In the first year anniversary of the APA Novo defaulted on the payment of 84,000 restricted shares, this without any notice from Mr. Mattachionne.

Novo committed numerous infractions to the licencing agreement of our name, ignoring our repeated notices, leading us to rescind this authorization in October 2020.

As numerous notices were provided and ignored, these acts can be considered as intentional and deliberate.

Recent developments

On December 9, 2020 in a filing by Novo Integrated Sciences with the United States Securities and Exchange commission, the following information was posted under their listed properties : Action Plus Physiotherapy

This statement can be construed as misleading given Mr. Mattachionne’s, firsthand knowledge of the nature of our transaction and as Action Plus Physiotherapy remains a separate corporate entity.

These notices are provided on a quarterly basis as factual confirmation of Novo Healthnet’s action and/ or absence thereof. Of note, previous calls for Mr. Mattachione to provide details on his purported offshore accomplishments remain unanswered.

Marc Dignard
President Action Plus Physiotherapy