Sports Therapy

Our Team includes Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists operating in state of the art exercise facilities to provide you with the utmost in service comprehensiveness.

Treating more than the injury

Treatment for sports injuries is more than just treating the injury itself. On top of getting injury specific treatment, re-learning the motor skills lost due to injury is just as important. This includes fine motor skills, strength, balance and coordination and the goal is in protecting you from the next one. A comprehensive approach also means reviewing core strength and specific function or movements associated to your sport. In the end you will be guided on the most appropriate exercises to address any deficits and your overall performance.

Sports Medicine

We also partner with Sports Medicine Physicians whenever your Physiotherapist feels further consultation is needed. This will provide you with expert advice on a range of conditions including individuals with orthopedic/ surgical or non -surgical conditions. Please note, under current regulations, a referral from your family physician is also required to access this service.