Work related injuries

Treatment is close to home

For patients covered under WSIB or CNESST we are your provider of choice. Located in Embrun, we are well positioned to deliver services in the eastern Ontario region, east and south of Ottawa. Wether your injury is simple or complex, we have the experience in providing you with the right treatment, right in your community.

Experience Matters

Since 1991, we have learned a few things about treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries.

A significant portion of our practice is devoted occupational rehabilitation, or helping people return to their previous type of work; in doing so we have gained the confidence of doctors, insurers, employers, lawyers but most importantly injured workers.

Why does this matter? Because we work for you and in difficult or complex circumstances, our experience and track record is our best asset in helping you navigate all the steps and the players involved.

eyond treatment, our experience has included ownership of a multi-disciplinary disability assessment centre [1] . As such, our past experience extends beyond treatment and into the management of more complex cases. This includes fractures, neurological and concussion injuries.

[1] Workwise Occupational Assessment Centre

What are the types of WSIB patients we see

Once you have been approved by WSIB or CNESST, our team of Physiotherapists and Exercise Therapists, provide treatment for the injured worker with the following injuries:

  • Those eligible for a Program of Care including spinal, soft tissue injuries and non surgical fractures
  • Post Surgical conditions as a result of your work injury *
  • Neurological injuries including concussion or Peripheral nerve injuries *
  • When you have not been capable of fully returning to work despite treatment under a program of care *

*Speciality services are subject to fee approval by WSIB